I Stop Buying “Cheap” Things because I Regret These!


I guess, you must be ever buying things when they were on sale, or it is already cheap without promo. After that, you feel that goods weren’t good enough and less valuable. It did happen to me some times. Just because of “cheap” I did not care about how satisfied I would be, and I just wanted to spend less money. This mindset is not 100 percent wrong. I think it depends on what you are spending your money. It is ok if you disagree with me. I am talking about “cheap,” not only about the price but it also refers to invaluable or less valuable stuff after spending money.

Then, I am thinking the meaning of being economically profitable. It is not only about spending less money but also buying the value. Simply, does the money you spend as equal as its value?

You can learn from my mistake. Let me show you the unworthy things I bought and never buy these cheap ever again!

Laptop Samsung (standard series)

 I bought that laptop because I needed to accomplish my task. But, at that time I did not have enough money to buy the good one. Then I decided to pick the most standard type of brand Samsung who did not recognize as a good laptop manufacturer yet. I worked without a problem maybe only one year. SERIOUSLY. The first damage was the DVD Drive. Then viruses came up, troubled in the hard drive, and a lot of things happened then. Overall the performance was bad! (Sorry). I sold it because I frustrated and it worth for IDR 900.000 (VERY CHEAP!)


I interested to buy when this speaker was on sale! This one is a portable speaker for handphone. It works when I connect the phone’s Bluetooth with its Bluetooth. Even though I still keep it on my table, the Bluetooth speaker is only applicable for handphone. I used to think that I can connect with the laptop. Instead, I should buy another cable connector. Its performance is not good though. The sound is nothing special, and the battery is not durable (keep recharging). I called this as not necessarily buying. Not very useful stuff. Sad.


I bought Xiaomi Redmi Note early generation. I was excited because I paid less price than the competitor with the same specs. But, I did not get the earphone. As an innocent girl, I wanted to have an earphone to complete my handset. I bought the fake one because I thought it was cheap. Then I WAS WRONG!. The earphone was not durable, and it became expensive when you could not use it in the long term. Poor girl! Wrong decision AGAIN.


I got very very very dry lips! I have to deal with the dry patch of the lips EVERY DAY! If I use the wrong products, it will get worse. My first try was j*stmiss lipstick (two pcs), ward*h (five pcs), purbas*ri (one pc).  I keep buying them until I realized none of them is worth the price but keep my lips super dry.


You should concern about this one too. You wear it every day, and this should be comfortable and durable. I regret buying online for shoes when it is on sale! I picked the shoes with low price, and it came from the unknown brand though (my mistake). Then I got injured because of low-quality material. Better to buy the proven brand along with the high quality. It is about satisfaction.


I was a student with low allowance (I guess). On behalf of the following trend, I came to the eyewear shop and decided to use very standard lenses. Six months later, the lenses had lines on it and became a blur -…-


I bought a foot brush. I just tried to give a chance for a non-branded product on my list, and it broke before I use it! I failed! DO NOT EVER BUY NON-BRANDED TOILETRIES PRODUCTS, ONLY WASTE YOUR MONEY OR HURTS YOUR BODY!


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