My Top 4 Personal Finance Blog

Money can be our friend and our enemy. We need money until we die. It doesn’t sound scary as it is, but how to have money management skill properly (until you die)?

It’s not a secret anymore that I love reading about daily financial hacks. It helped me to open my knowledge regarding manage money in my 20s. If you ask me why or the reason I love doing this is that I want to prepare myself to be ready in the mature age by having good money management skill in the young age. Besides, I learned about financial management on campus (even though I did not have good score though) then I interested to encourage the financial issue in daily life.

What kind of information am I seeking? It is related to manage money after the payday, how to use credit card accordingly, which investment is suitable in my 20s, how to manage family outcome, etc. I think we all have this issue and all young woman must know this since you will be Mrs. (of someone) or you already been (Mrs. of someone). Husbands should be very happy if their wives are smart about money (hopefully I will be one of those). Amin.

I have some financial websites or blogs that I often visit and most of it are using English. Maybe it can be useful for you too. Here they are….

  1. (Bahasa Indonesia)

This website is absolutely useful for you the beginner in money management. not only offering some tips to saving money but also investing. If you interested deeper in financial, they provide short course too!


  1. (English) is a personal financial blog which belongs to Eden Ashley, a financial blogger. I interested in some topics she shared because some of them are related to my life.


  1. (English)

The same with mintnotion, is personal finance blog and coming from a mom who loves sharing about money. Jane, the writer, has two life goals. There are be financially free and get meaningful life. Some of the financial topics are related for a mom who stays at home.


  1. (English)

I love the name though! is make sense! This is also personal finance blog from a financial blogger who paid 40.000 dollars student loan debt. She shares tips for making a budget, saving money, having side jobs, and blogging tips.




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