Grammarly : My First Impression

I subscribed the premium version of Grammarly for three months. The first reason why I decided to is that I need to be confident in my writing. So happy I got a half price in Valentine’s Day promo. In the beginning, I intended to subscribe a year. But Grammarly asks to pay one bill at one time, but my credit card limit was not enough LOL.

Now I am enjoying my time using this innovative technology. I can check my grammar everywhere, and my confidence is up! Both Grammarly for Android and PC/laptop is easy to use. When I tried Grammarly on my smartphone, I thought It would be like Google Translate (I copy the text, and the correction will appear then). But it is not! Grammarly works as your spell checker to your keyboard after you type a word. For me, I think this is good for a short sentence rather than the longer one because you will get distracted by the checker. So, every time I want to make my English blog post, I do my writing thru laptop. So, I open and write them up there. It’s quite easy guy!


I do not realize that actually, I have a passion for technology even I am a little bit not update or maybe entirely not updated what is the technology trends now. But then, after I subscribe to I do care about something that can make our lives are more comfortable, primarily in learning method. I am a curious person. I do my research about something. Do not wonder if I analyze a lot and my observation as the evidence. 😀

After using several times for varies type of writing, I can feel this thing is useful. Not only for the punctuation but also the synonym. suggest us to use the synonym if we already put the same words often! My favorite part! Probably it helps my vocabulary in an advance way which I never expected before. This is all I want in my entire life (lebaaay!). Yes, it is! Since I can not join any of English Course anymore, I still need a teacher to discuss about my writing. If you have the same situation as me, this is gonna help. Maybe some of you think it will waste your money to pay for the subscription. I thought that too!

As I said, I am a curious person for this thing so I decided to take a risk and pay them quarterly without high expectation. After that.. yaaaay! I am happy because this is beyond my hope.

If you want to have better writing, the first thing that you should have is confidence. Then find someone as proofreader or find tools that can help you on this. I love Grammarly, and it helps me a lot. I know that you will never replace the teacher with just an algorithm because even Grammarly is good and be my recommendation, sometimes it cannot explain all the suggestion with a clear description.

It seems like I have many things to explore here. I will share my next experience with Grammarly, see you in the future post!



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